District 64 recognizes its outstanding members and clubs with a variety of annual awards. Click on the section name to vist the page and see the applicable awards.

  • District Awards - to recognize members who have made contributions to their clubs and the District over an extended period
  • Leadership Awards - to recognize exceptional District leadership for the immediate past year at the Area and Division level, including Toastmaster of the Year
  • Club Initiated Awards - special awards managed by individual clubs in District 64
  • Incentive Awards - to recognize clubs for membership growth and educational achievements of their members in the current year
  • Past District Directors - a list of all District Directors and District Governors since the District's establishment in 1960

Nomination forms for each specific award are available for download/printing in the the description for the award. To download the form, click on the link, complete the form and save the completed document. Completed forms can be emailed to the Awards Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You may also choose to print the form, complete it offline and then scan and email it as an attachment.

Nomination deadlines:

February 28 annually - nomination deadline for 3 awards which recognize contributions over several years. These awards will be presented at the Spring Convention.

  • Eric Stuhlmueller Memorial Award – District leadership
  • George Craigie Memorial Award – club level contributions
  • Jack Gillespie Builders Award – membership and club building

Spring annually (at least 2 weeks prior to the Spring Convention) – application deadline for the KW Pin – 10 years simultaneous and continuous membership in 2 clubs. This award will be presented at the Spring Convention.

June 30 annually - nomination deadline for 4 awards which recognize contributions within the current year. These awards will be presented annually at an event in the fall.

  • Toastmaster of the Year – outstanding participation and significant contribution
  • Division Director of the Year – outstanding performance as Division Director
  • Area Director of the Year – Urban – outstanding performance as Area Director for clubs within Winnipeg
  • Area Director of the Year – Rural - outstanding performance as Area Director for clubs outside of Winnipeg